Lattice   Patio   Covers   and   Pergola   Patio   Covers   are   great   way   to   enhance   your   backyard   space   and   add   value   to   your   home.   Our   aluminium   is   made   from   the highest   quality   materials   and   undergo   a   21   point   inspection   from   start   to   finish.   We   have   several   choices   for   rafter   and   beam   end   cut,   like   our   Patio   Cover   Scallop Cut   that   offers   soft   curves   or   our   Patio   Cover   Corbel   Cut   that   gives   it   the   added   extra   detail.   We   also   have   the   Miter   Cut   or   Beveled   End   Cut   for   the   patio   cover that should look more traditional. All of our patio covers are wood grained embossed that will make your friends and family wonder, is it really aluminium? You   can   choose   our   standard   "H   Post   Design"   or   our   Roman   Column   design   with   a   double   beam.   Either   of   these   will   provide   strength   and   durability   to   your   patio cover. All our patio covers come pre painted with a lifetime material warranty. Order your patio cover today and receive our current promotional discount. Our Lattice Patio Covers and Pergola Patio Covers come in eight colors to choose from, each providing that wood grained embossed look. All   our   colors   are   warrantied   against   fading   ,   chipping,   peeling   for   the   life   of   the   product.   We   also   back   the   manufacturers   material   warranty   with   our   no   hassle labor   warranty.   No   hassle   labor   warranty   means   you   will   not   be   charged   to   replace   any   part   of   your   patio   cover   for   any   reason.   Providing   you   with   double coverage on your patio cover. Patio   Covers   -   can   be   attached   to   your   home   in   many   ways   such   as   our   Roof   Attachment,   Wall   Attachment   and   Eave   Attachment.   What   ever   your   needs,   we have   the   solution!   Our   Patio   Covers   can   be   installed   over   an   existing   concrete   patio   slab   or   we   can   install   footings   for   added   strength.   Our   Patio   Covers   are   light weight   and   easy   to   install.   In   most   cases   we   can   have   your   patio   cover   installed   in   a   few   hours.   Our   Patio   Covers   come   complete   with   all   nuts,   bolts,   screws   and sealants to make it water tight. Our Patio Cover crews are factory trained and have many years of experience. Building   Permits   - All   Building   Departments   require   permits.   Some   cities   do   have   a   less   than   minimum   "No   Permit   Required".   You   should   check   to   see   what   your building department will allow before a permit is required.
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True Lifetime Material and Labor Warranty...Read More   is   not   a   dealer   of   any   Metals   USA   products   (aka   Elitewood   or   Ultra   Lattice)   or Amerimax   Building   Products,   Inc.   (aka Alumawood)   does   not promise   nor   advertise,   we   offer   either   of   these   product   lines   and/or   materials.      We   list   their   warranties   on   our   website   so   consumers   can   review   and   compare   either   of   these warranties   against   comparable   products   and   warranties   from   other   brands   and/or   manufacturers.      Both   Metals   USA   and   Amerimax   Building   Products,   Inc.   warranties   are handed   out,   to   the   general   public   and   considered   media   material   that   can   be   freely   distributed   within   the   market   place.      Any   reliance   upon   the   respective   manufacturers warranty   is   the   responsibility   of   the   user   and   not   does   not   warrant   any   manufacturer   has   not   changed   their   material   warranty   without knowledge is NOT a  Metals USA or  Amerimax Building Procducts, Inc.  aka Alumawood Dealer Weatherwood TM
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I was impressed with the entire process for my patio cover installation.  The crewwas on time and polite.  They did great work and kept me informed along the way...We are very pleased we chose the PatioCrew. Kevin D. (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) I got 3 estimates for the patio cover. Patio Crew not only did an exceptional job but we got a superior product (insulated panels) for the same as the other bids.  The crew was very courteous and professional.  Robert A.  (Murrieta, CA) was awesome.  They installed a solid patio cover and went above and beyond, every step of the way....Warren is very knowledgeable and responsible.  I would not hesitate to hire them again... Kathy A. (Fullerton, CA)

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